There is no evil empire

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Let’s be polite

So we’re feeling our oats.  We’re doing our thing, setting our rates.  We’re getting this whole negotiation thing down.  Good job!!!!   We’re working with lots of different agencies, getting a variety of work.  We’re making more than we ever made before.  No one’s going to hold me down. Hey, I want to share my enlightenment … More Let’s be polite

Reporter Shortage

I need a definition for “reporter shortage”. Jobs going uncovered because there is no reporter? Jobs going uncovered because reporters have a choice not to work for certain agencies or rates that they do not wish to? Court work going uncovered because the rates are extremely low and there has been no rate/salary increase for … More Reporter Shortage

Language, language

Let’s talk about language and the conversation we want to have or need to have with the agency and with each other.   There is no “you should be doing this” or “I never do it for less than this” or “I can’t believe that you charged that,” whether you think it is too low … More Language, language

What I Wish I Knew My First Year – Transcript Production

Hello, hello, anyone out there? Yep, still here, working in my little bubble.  As I’m sitting here proofing and finalizing my transcript, I was thinking has ever anyone mentioned to the new reporters out there about building job dictionaries and globaling?   Hmmm.   Well, if you already know everything about job dictionaries and globaling, feel free … More What I Wish I Knew My First Year – Transcript Production

True shortage of reporters or short-sighted business practice?

That is the question. (This will be very, very long. The faint of heart should just walk away.) My experience this morning. I received a text message asking if I could cover a job at 10 a.m. I said, yes, what is the per diem? My thinking is the attorney decided at the buttcrack of … More True shortage of reporters or short-sighted business practice?